Thursday, April 3, 2014

Baby Fennell.

Baby Fennell at 6 Weeks. 

Baby Fennell at 12 Weeks. 

Andy and I have known for 13 weeks that we are pregnant. I am 15 weeks pregnant (as of yesterday) and it still hasn’t hit me. When will it feel real? I’m not really sure. Let me tell you how it all started …

This is what shock looks like. 
I hadn’t been feeling great for about a week. Nothing horrible just off. I said to Andy “Do you think we could be pregnant???” He said, “No way. But if you want to take a test to make sure then go for it.” So I took one. We set it on top of the toilet. And waited. And waited. Longest 3 minutes of my life. Andy went in to look at it and said, “We are not pregnant.” Turned around to look at it again and said, “Oh my. We are pregnant.” So naturally we took another one just to make sure. 
Still in shock at this point it was time to head off to work. So we did. Both with wide eyes and fluttering hearts. 

Were we shocked? Yes. Are we excited? Yes! I couldn’t be more excited that I am becoming a mommy! So thankful for this season of life! 

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