Wednesday, August 29, 2012

My Current Obsessions

I have come to terms with the fact that I go through periods of time where I get really obsessed with something :). Some of my obsessions last for a really long time (such as oatmeal) and others come and go. I thought I would share some of the things I looooove right now ...

1. The newspaper.
This is new for me. In the past I haven't really kept up with current events ... by haven't really I mean NEVER. Now because of my job I read the newspaper daily. Fox News is also constantly playing in the office I work in, so I am really "in the know" on what is going on around the world. Robin you would be really proud. 
2. Chick-fil-a diet lemonade.
YUM! I love this stuff. It is addictive. I crave it pretty much on the daily.
3. OPI "Minnie" Collection.
I have always loved red nailpolish. It is very classic and classy. I recently got my toes done and picked this Minnie Red color. It is a bright red with a hint of shimmer in it. If you like reds try it out.  

4. Bare Minerals.
Need I say more? The name says it all. I love how natural and fresh it looks. It isn't caked on like alot of makeups, and it stays on all day.
5. White Iodine.
You could be familiar with White Iodine ... but you if you aren't I am about to enlighten you! It is a toxic substance that is only sold in drug stores. My great-grandmother got my entire family hooked on this stuff. Put it on any bump/blemish/pimple and it will be gone in a matter of days! Warning: It smells really strong and it turns your skin yellow. I usually put it on at night and wash it off in the morning.
6. Tory Burch Shoes.
Obsessed with the shoe. Not the price.

7. Trader Joe's.
Or TJ's as I like to call it. Obsession doesn't do justice for how I feel about this new grocery store in Knoxville. They have great prices and really fresh produce.

8. Fondue.
I love Fondue! Andy and I do it atleast twice a month. It is just so great ... and easy. We usually do a red wine based broth and cook beef, chicken, shrimp, mushrooms, potatoes, and broccoli.
9. Hair Ties.
If you haven't jumped on the bandwagon yet you should. These things are amazing. I can leave one in my hair all day and when I take my hair down it is perfectly straight.
10. Containers.
Yes containers. About a month ago I went to the container store in Nashville. This was very dangerous because I love to organize ... so I wanted to buy everything in the store. I got all different size containers to pack my lunch in. I have loved them. This picture is one of the smallest containers I got. Almost on the daily I pack it to the top full of nuts for my mid-morning snack.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Creamed Chicken

Last night Andy and I ate creamed chicken. Creamed Chicken and my Mimi go hand in hand. When Calli and I were younger and my parents would go out of town we would always stay with Mimi and Grandaddy (my moms parents). EVERY SINGLE TIME we stayed with her she would let us pick what she would make for dinner and EVERY SINGLE TIME we asked her to make creamed chicken. I don't know why we always picked it because Mimi could make just about anything. She is a fantastic cook.

Mimi's Creamed Chicken
The good stuff:
-Chicken (I use boneless skinless chicken tenders ... but anything will work)
-Hard Boiled Eggs
-Frozen Peas
-1 Jar Pimentos
-Cream of chicken, cream of mushroom, and cream of celery soup (1 can each)
-Mushrooms and celery (optional)
-Salt and pepper to taste

Cook the chicken ahead of time. I usually boil it because it is easiest. Then combine cooked chicken with all the other ingredients in a saucepan. Heat on low until all the flavors mix.

Serve on rice or a piece of toast with cranberry sauce (yes like what you eat at Thanksgiving). What you serve it on is key. It is what makes it yummy!

The only hard part about this recipe is that Mimi doesn't measure anything. She just eyeballs everything. So you just have to guess/make do. No matter what it will turn out yummy. You can't mess up creamed chicken :)!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Our weekend ...

This weekend was very eventful. Friday night some friends and I went to Chick-fil-a to visit Andy at work. I don't think I will ever get sick of their food. It was fun to spend time with friends ... and I always love watching Andy in action. He loves what he does. It is so evident from watching him that he LOVES his job. He always has a big grin on his face, and he never gets sick of saying "My pleasure" or "Can I refresh your beverage?" I'm so grateful for all his hard work, and I respect him for pursuing what he feels the Lord is calling him to do. Gooooo Andy. Eat More Chikin.

Saturday I had the opportunity to walk with one of my very best friends, Sarah Hope. She is getting hitched August 3, 2013. It was fun to hear all about wedding plans! I am very excited for this season in her life. After walking I dedicated the entire day to laying in the sun. I have decided that this is my spiritual gift. I am Grrrreat at laying in the sun :). Saturday night my family played putt-putt and got ice cream. It was so much fun! I love spending time with them. Andy won ... but I got first place out of the girls!
Sunday morning we had pancakes as usual. I woke up Andy to breakfast in bed! He would be mortified if he knew I took this picture and/or that it is on my blog. This is what he looks like in the morning. Girls ... try not to lust after him ok? I know he is a hottie.
After church on Sunday we went to the lake. It was a much needed day away form reality. We anchored the boat and floated in the water all afternoon. Colbie even got in the water with us! You wouldn't think it but she is a really good swimmer. Part dog. Part fish.
Well that's all I've got! It is a great day to be alive.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

My Dad

My dads 51st birthday was on Monday. Like I said we celebrated by doing fondue on Sunday night. It was very fun. We have a tradition of going around at dinner and everyone taking a turn saying something they like or admire about the birthday boy/girl. If you know me well you know that I am a daddys girl. We are buddies, and I love him very much. In every family I feel like you have one parent you are more similar to (or atleast that is how it is in my fam). My sister is an exact replica of my mom, and I am a mini version of my dad. I think growing up I was the son he never had. He coached my softball teams, let me ride on the lawn mower, and taught me how to fish. All that to say that when it came my turn to say something nice about my dad immediate tears filled my eyes (side note: this crying thing is something new to me. Before getting married I NEVER cried and now I do all the time. Weird). I told him that I liked him as a friend, and that I really cherish our relationship. I also told him that I admire the way he does everything with his whole heart. If you know my dad you know that he is intentional, caring, and sincere. Basically he is superdad. He is a wonderful husband, father, and friend. So here is to my dad ... for loving and serving others well.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The whereabouts of my weekend:
Friday night I was a grandma! I had good intentions and was going to go downtown to the concert in market square, but when it came time to go I was pooped. My social life is taking a downfall from this working world stuff. So instead of being social Andy and I put on our pj’s around 9:00!
We made up for our grandma and grandpa selves on Saturday. Saturday night was such a joyful time. Andy and I had the opportunity to spend time with all of our best friends from highschool and it was an absolute blast. The boys played wiffle ball (no surprise there) and then we had a cookout. It was so refreshing to all be back together again. It is crazy how we all still click and get along so well … it was like we were 16 years old again.

Calli and I met at mom and dads house to walk early Saturday morning and to our surprise the entire back yard had been destroyed. Well … mom and dad are building a pool. Yup a pool. Too bad they are doing it now and not while we were in our prime sun years. I think it is kinda silly because they never stay at their house anymore, but oh well! After we walked we went to Trader Joe’s. I think I am in love. It is the coolest little grocery store.

Andy and I house/dog sat this past weekend for Milly Miller. Meet Milly …

She was the sweetest dog. We introduced Colbie to Milly. Milly really liked Colbie and was curious about
her, but Colbie was not having it!
Sunday morning has somehow become pancake day! We make pancakes before church. This past Sunday we made a GIANT pancake!It has become a fun little ritual

Sunday night we celebrated my dads birthday. He is 51 as of yesterday! We did fondue for dinner. We had two different broths to cook the meat in. One was a wine based broth and the other was a tropical blend broth. They were both delicious! If you have a fondue pot you should use it, and if you don’t you should get one! Andy and I do fondue for dinner all the time. It is a great way to cook and visit, and it is just really fun.

Here is the birthday boy in action ...

Here is the birthday boy eating on his "special" plate ...
The love birds ...
My diploma had been mailed to my parents house and they delivered it to me Sunday night! YAY! It was so great to get it. I didn't walk ... so getting my diploma was closure for me. After my last class I kept getting nervous that I was missing something, or that somehow I wouldn't graduate. I think I checked dars like 1,000,000 times.

We took a couple family pictures. Here is our little family...

Well. That's all folks! Have a great day

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

My new job

What doees my new job look like???

Here I am in action...

Well …I get into the office at 8:30. I sit down in my nice big chair and wait for the phone to ring (ok not really but kinda). I turn on the coffee pot, unload the dishwasher, turn on all the lights, and crank up the elevator music aka my new best friend. When the phone rings I answer and say “Good morning/afternoon. Ritchie and Powell.” Then the person asks to speak to someone and I say “Just a moment please.” I say these two single lines probably 40 or 50 times a day. At first I had to practice saying Powell because naturally it comes out pal. Every time I answer I stop and think first … Self … say PoweLL!
Here is my handy dandy phone
I sit and drink a lot of water. We have a giant water purifier that I LOVE dearly. The only problem is that then I have to pee a lot, and the bathroom is across the hall and locked so it is an ordeal to go to the restroom (annoying). When I leave my desk I have to put my phone on DND so that someone else knows to answer it.
Other than drinking water and answering phones I file. I file a lot. But I like to file. It is basically organizing and reorganizing documents. And we all know how much I love to organize. I get to make file folder labels and then separate documents into their correct files. I also get to run office errands. Once again we all know how much I like to run errands. I mostly go to the bank and the post office.

My very favorite thing about my job is that I get to greet people as they come into the office. I greet the ups man, the cleaning ladies, office supply reps, and clients. I get to ask them how they are doing and just chat. It is wonderful.
So all in all I like my new job. I do miss the Kiddos though.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Who loves Olive Garden?

I love Olive Garden and Olive Garden loves me. I crave Olive Garden Minestrone soup (really you can ask Andy we go there all the time). It is so good and so good for you. I decided I wanted to try to make it so I did. I actually use more veggies than this recipe says ... you can't really mess it up just tweak it and make it how you want to!

2 T olive oil
1/2 cup minced white onion
1/4 cup chopped zucchini
1/4 cup frozen italian cut green beans
1/4 cup minced celery
2 t garlic
4 cups of vegetable broth
1 (15 ounce) can kidney beans
1 (15 ounce) can small white bean
1/2 (14 ounce) can diced tomatoes
1/2 cup carrots (shredded)
2 T minced fresh parsley
1 teaspoon oregano
1 teaspoon salt
1/2 teaspoon black pepper
1/2 teaspoon dried basil
1/4 teaspoon thyme (I lef this out when I made it because I was out and it tasted the exact same!)
1 and 1/2 cups of hot water
3 cups spinach
1/3 cup small pasta shells

Put everything in crockpot on low for 8-10 hours! How easy is that?!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Make it Matter Monday!

Greetings fellow bloggers! Happy Monday. I would like to share with you something my dear grandparents challenged me to do a couple years ago. As part of a gift one time they gave me money to use on someone else. They said they wanted to start a chain reaction of Random Acts of Kindness. I have started taking every Monday and trying to do atleast one random act of kindness. Most things come naturally and you probably already do but ... I would like to challenge everyone else to do one random act of kindness today! Here are some ideas:

-Write a letter to someone who made a difference in your life
-Return a shopping cart
-Pay the tab for the person behind you
-Hold the door open for someone
-Bring flowers to someone
-Offer someone a piece of gum
-Help someone move
-Leave change in a vending machine
-Send someone a care package

So go out there and start the chain reaction!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

I tried to blog and wasn't consistent ... but I have had a lot of changes take place and decided it is time to return to the blog world. So whats new with me:
  • Andy and I are no longer LaFollette natives. We made it out without getting addicted to Meth :) LaFollette was a great first home, but we were both very ready to return to Knoxville. It has been so nice to be close to our friends and family. 
Here we are cleaning our new apartment 

 Our first meal in our new home (None other than the tasty Chick-fil-a)
  • The second big thing that happened is that Andy and I are now official college graduates. Yippee. Andy graduated from LMU with a degree in business. I now have a bachelor of science in Health and Human Sciences from UT.  It doesn't feel like real life yet. I wonder when/if it will! It is such a relief to be finished with school, but the working world is scary. You mean you want me to come to work everyday for 8 hours? But I used to have so much free time. Yikes.

  • Another big thing is that we have a new addition to the Fennell family. No we did not have a baby ... but we did get a dog. Andy surprised me for our 1 year anniversary with a new friend. Her name is Colbie. She is a yorkiepoo that is three years old and 2 1/2 pounds. She looks like a bat/rat/dog. Her personality is precious. She loves to be around people, and has a very happy demeanor. She is spoiled. Enough said.
  • Our final big change is the we both have jobs. Yay. That is what you do after college right?! Andy is working at the new Chick-fil-a as the director of service. Here he is on his first day of work (What a cutie)

I am working as a legal assistant at a law firm downtown. The Lord blessed me with a great opportunity, and I am excited for this new career. 
So there you have it. Big things are happening in the Fennell fam. I'm going to try to be a consistent blogger. Here goes nothing. Until next time ...