Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The whereabouts of my weekend:
Friday night I was a grandma! I had good intentions and was going to go downtown to the concert in market square, but when it came time to go I was pooped. My social life is taking a downfall from this working world stuff. So instead of being social Andy and I put on our pj’s around 9:00!
We made up for our grandma and grandpa selves on Saturday. Saturday night was such a joyful time. Andy and I had the opportunity to spend time with all of our best friends from highschool and it was an absolute blast. The boys played wiffle ball (no surprise there) and then we had a cookout. It was so refreshing to all be back together again. It is crazy how we all still click and get along so well … it was like we were 16 years old again.

Calli and I met at mom and dads house to walk early Saturday morning and to our surprise the entire back yard had been destroyed. Well … mom and dad are building a pool. Yup a pool. Too bad they are doing it now and not while we were in our prime sun years. I think it is kinda silly because they never stay at their house anymore, but oh well! After we walked we went to Trader Joe’s. I think I am in love. It is the coolest little grocery store.

Andy and I house/dog sat this past weekend for Milly Miller. Meet Milly …

She was the sweetest dog. We introduced Colbie to Milly. Milly really liked Colbie and was curious about
her, but Colbie was not having it!
Sunday morning has somehow become pancake day! We make pancakes before church. This past Sunday we made a GIANT pancake!It has become a fun little ritual

Sunday night we celebrated my dads birthday. He is 51 as of yesterday! We did fondue for dinner. We had two different broths to cook the meat in. One was a wine based broth and the other was a tropical blend broth. They were both delicious! If you have a fondue pot you should use it, and if you don’t you should get one! Andy and I do fondue for dinner all the time. It is a great way to cook and visit, and it is just really fun.

Here is the birthday boy in action ...

Here is the birthday boy eating on his "special" plate ...
The love birds ...
My diploma had been mailed to my parents house and they delivered it to me Sunday night! YAY! It was so great to get it. I didn't walk ... so getting my diploma was closure for me. After my last class I kept getting nervous that I was missing something, or that somehow I wouldn't graduate. I think I checked dars like 1,000,000 times.

We took a couple family pictures. Here is our little family...

Well. That's all folks! Have a great day

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