Saturday, August 11, 2012

I tried to blog and wasn't consistent ... but I have had a lot of changes take place and decided it is time to return to the blog world. So whats new with me:
  • Andy and I are no longer LaFollette natives. We made it out without getting addicted to Meth :) LaFollette was a great first home, but we were both very ready to return to Knoxville. It has been so nice to be close to our friends and family. 
Here we are cleaning our new apartment 

 Our first meal in our new home (None other than the tasty Chick-fil-a)
  • The second big thing that happened is that Andy and I are now official college graduates. Yippee. Andy graduated from LMU with a degree in business. I now have a bachelor of science in Health and Human Sciences from UT.  It doesn't feel like real life yet. I wonder when/if it will! It is such a relief to be finished with school, but the working world is scary. You mean you want me to come to work everyday for 8 hours? But I used to have so much free time. Yikes.

  • Another big thing is that we have a new addition to the Fennell family. No we did not have a baby ... but we did get a dog. Andy surprised me for our 1 year anniversary with a new friend. Her name is Colbie. She is a yorkiepoo that is three years old and 2 1/2 pounds. She looks like a bat/rat/dog. Her personality is precious. She loves to be around people, and has a very happy demeanor. She is spoiled. Enough said.
  • Our final big change is the we both have jobs. Yay. That is what you do after college right?! Andy is working at the new Chick-fil-a as the director of service. Here he is on his first day of work (What a cutie)

I am working as a legal assistant at a law firm downtown. The Lord blessed me with a great opportunity, and I am excited for this new career. 
So there you have it. Big things are happening in the Fennell fam. I'm going to try to be a consistent blogger. Here goes nothing. Until next time ...

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