Friday, November 16, 2012


My Current Obsessions ...
1. Kim's Magic Pop
AMAZING! Mimi found these and ordered a ton of them! She gave some to Andy and I and I think we ate the whole thing in like 3 days. They are great. It is basically flavored air. That makes you want to try them huh?
2. Solitaire
I have a desk job. Need I say more?
3. Starbucks Pike Place
YUM! I love nothing more than a hot drink on a cold day.
4. Francine Rivers!
I am currently on the second book of this series. It is GREAT! The book starts out slow ... you need to commit to reading to chapter 6 before you put it down. I promise you will love it. I do!
5. Mason Jars.
I know these have been popular for a long time but I just really love them. I pack stuff for my lunch in them. I put coffee in them. I give people gifts in them. Love them!
6. OPI Mrs. O'Leary's BBQ
Great Winter Color!
7. Parenthood.
Andy and I started watching this a while ago but have recently picked it up again! It is great. I'm obsessed. The woman who plays the attorney in this movie reminds me soooo much of the woman who works at the firm with me.

8. J crew tortoise hair claw
I wear my hair clipped up in a bun to work. Almost every day :)! I love this thing
I love Shutterfly! I love Christmas Cards! EKKKK
Andy and I ordered ours. I can't wait to send them out. Maybe you will be lucky enough to get one!!!
10. Aquaphor.
I saved the best for last. Winter means everything gets dry. That means my lips get dry and cracked. Yuck. Aquaphor does wonders! If you don't have some get!

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