Thursday, November 8, 2012

O.P. Jenkins

So one of the perks of your parents owning a furniture store (besides being in the commercials as a 7 year old. Yup thats right. I'm a star) is that when you buy a house you get really great help decorating it :).
Today I spent my lunch break looking a fabrics, pillows and couches. Oh My. I don't really know "my style" so I was kinda nervous about what I would pick. This same thing happened when I got married. I remember the very first step for me in wedding planning was saying what all I didn't like ... and that helped me get to what I did like. The very same thing happened today.
I walked around O.P. and said, "Don't like that, don't like that, don't like that .... until they got a feel for what I for sure DIDN'T like. Then they took me around and showed me things they thought I would like and wouldn't you know it I did! Amazing.
I'm so excited for the finished product. We are getting closer!

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