Monday, December 3, 2012

Oh Christmas Tree.

Saturday we spent a large chunk of the day getting our house ready for CHRISTMAS! We purchased a stand, lights, tree, etc ...
We got our (very first!!!!!!!!!) tree from the lot next to where Andy works everyday. He has gotten to know one of the men (Eric) really well. This is the way their family makes money inbetween lawn mowing season. We looked. and looked. and looked. and finally found the perfect one. Our ceiling is about 8 feet high, so Andy held his hand up and we had to find one under that :). Really accurate measuring here. They put it in this machine that got all the dirt and excess off and wrapped it up nice and small to put on the top of our car.
We spent Sunday afternoon decorating our tree. Andy and I have to be cautious when we do tasks like this together. I think one of our biggest fights occured while carving a pumpkin. I am a get it done make things happen kind of person ... and Andy is a perfectionist/very detail oriented lets take 10 years to put up a Christmas tree kind of person. So before we started we had to remind ourselves of each others tendencies. We got it up without pushing each others buttons. Yay. Success. Here is Andy putting Mr. Santa on top.
Three things I love about a Christmas Tree.
1. The way it looks. SO pretty :)
2. The way it smells. YUM. Makes the whole house smell fresh and clean.
and 3. The ornaments.
I love how ornaments tell a story. We don't have a ton of ornaments ... given that it is only our second Christmas together, but the ones we do have are special. 
Here are a couple of my favs! 
The Chick-fil-a one is special because Andy is pursuing a career with Chick-fil-a. Duh. He got this on his first visit to corporate. The next one is from my sweet friend Lauren. It has our wedding date and initials on the back of it. The next one you can't see well but it is AWESOME! This was my fav as a child. You can plug it in to one of the lights and all the characters move. How cool is that? And the last one is from our honeymoon. Amelia Island. We are going to collect ornaments from everywhere we travel together (So far we have two haha).
Merry Christmas.

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