Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Knoxville Marathon 2013

So proud of my husband. So Proud! He ran the Knoxville Marathon this past Sunday. And he did great! Dad and I ran the half ... so we were with him during the first 13 miles of the race. I'll walk you through the day via pictures :)

Here we are at 6:45 am. YAY! About to head over to the start 

The dreaded Noelton Hill. Mile 7 ish (ignore moms thumb in the corner. She struggles sometimes)

Dad and I finished 13.1 and met up with Mom and Cal. Then we headed over to Island Home (Mile 20) to see Andy run.

Here he is!!! Doing great!

I jumped in at Mile 20 (ish) and ran with him to encourage him. He said this was the hardest part of the race. He was getting tired and the sun was really starting to come out. He kept on running though :)

And here he is entering Neyland! About to finish 26.2 miles. Go Andy Go! 

HE DID IT! Way to go Andy!

And then we ate and drank and crashed. The End.
It was so much fun to watch him accomplish this. His goal was to finish under 5 hours and run the entire time. And he did just that! Andy Fennell is a marathoner y'all!

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