Monday, June 10, 2013

Hilton Head Island

 Best week of my life. But seriously. This past week Andy and I went to Hilton Head Island to (early)celebrate our 2 years of marriage. It was so fun and relaxing ... and a much needed break from this crazy adult life. Troutman family vacation meets Fennell family vacation and has a baby and that is what our vacation looked like. Let me explain:

A typical day of Troutman Family Vacation (meaning my family of origin ... thanks child and family studies for that terminology):
-Wake up between 7:00-8:00 am and exercise. Run. Walk. Bike. Whatever you want. :)
-Eat breakfast and drink coffee as a family and talk about what the day/night will look like
-Lay in the sun and read. ALLLLLL day. Mostly at the pool
-Come in for lunch mid day and then go back out
-Come in and shower and get ready for dinner
-Go out to eat (previously planned out and reservations made)
-Get Ice Cream/ Watch a movie/ Board Games
-Early bed time

A typical day of Fennell Family Vacation (Andy's family of origin):
-Wake up around 11:00 a.m. (No Joke!)
-Gradually meander out onto the beach one by one as you wake up
-Eat Brunch ... whatever time you feel like eating
-Spend all day on the beach playing. By playing I mean: throwing tennis ball, throwing football, throwing baseball, swimming in the ocean, searching for sea creatures, throwing tennis ball in the ocean, body surfing, ...You get the point. They NEVER STOP MOVING
-They come in off the beach very late in the day
-Dinner around 8:00 or 9:00 p.m. Sometimes eat dinner in, sometimes go out to eat. Decide right before dinner time
-Watch the braves play
-Go to bed around midnight

Opposites attract right? So our vacation is somewhere in the middle. We spent equal time at the pool and beach. At in 3 nights and out 3 nights. Walked on the beach a lot. Read books. Played Golf. Got Ice Cream.  Loved on our sweet dog. And enjoyed time off work.

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