Monday, February 18, 2013

Angel and Izaah

I posted a while back about the Amachi Program. It is a mentor program for children who have one (or more) parent who is incarcerated. 5 months ago we started this process, and this past Saturday we were finally matched :).
We met Angel and Izaah this past weekend. Andy and I were both really nervous ... but like the excited nervous kind. We met at their house. They live with their grandparents in Halls.
Izaah is 9 years old. He is in the fourth grade. He loves sports, especially golf. He is very outgoing and will say whatever is on his mind. Monopoly is his favorite board game. He got in trouble at school last year for sticking another kids head in the toilet (oops!).
Angel is 11 years old. She is in the fifth grade. She is more reserved. She loves art and fashion! Horses are her favorite animal.  If she could do any adventure she would want to learn more about the Titanic.
Here we are at our first match meeting ...
They have a garden. A huge garden! Grandpa came up while we were talking with the kids and asked me if I like sweet potatoes. I replied YES I love them. He went outside and came back with a bag full of the BIGGEST sweet potatoes I have ever seen. Seriously.
So naturally I made a lot of Yummy sweet potato things :)
We will now hang out with Angel and Izaah for atleast one hour a week for a year. We hope to show them how much their heavenly father loves them since their earthly father is in jail. We hope to form a friendship with them. We want to love them, and show them how to love others well. Please please please join us in praying for Angel and Izaah and the relationship we will have with them.

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