Monday, February 25, 2013

Weekend Fun

What a weekend! It had a bad start but a great ending. Friday night Colbie got really sick. Long story short we think she ingested some cleaning supplies. I took her to the vet early Saturday morning. She had to get lots of shots and meds. They coated her stomach with some kind of fluid, and she has been doing great since then. We have to give her medicine every 4 hours and feed her special food ... but she is alive!
What a treat! I can't even remember the last time I got my nails done.Saturday afternoon I got my nails done with this diva...
And Saturday night Jenn and Ryan got engaged. YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY! So excited for them.
Sunday after church Andy and I hung out with our Amachi Kids. Angel and Izaah. We went to sonic and got treats and then to the playground. It was very fun. We are looking forward to our next hang out.
And then to top off a great weekend Andy had a flag football game! And they won! Go team. Here is Andy with their team manager (aka Alex) ...
Happy Monday Everyone!

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