Monday, February 4, 2013

Finding Robin Hood

I don't think telling this story can do it justice ... but I am going to try anyway.

Last Thursday night Andy had to close Chick-fil-a and do month end. So I knew it was going to be a late night for him. I decided to go to a workout class after work, and then to see my parents. I drive home, pull in the garage, and walk in the house like any other night. Our house was dark, and it was dark outside so I was already scared entering the house alone. I had like 4 bags I was holding (literally ... I come with a lot of baggage), and so I struggled getting the door open. I open the door and our alarm goes off but not like the siren alarm, just the friendly you have 1 min. to get to the alarm and enter the code. I had to kinda slam the door shut because I couldn't close the door with all the stuff I had in my hands. I take a couple more steps into our kitchen and decide I need to set my bags down. As I am setting my bags down I hear the loudest glass shattering sound I have EVER heard. At the same time I hear the sound our siren alarm starts going off. It is SO loud! My heart starts beating soooo fast but even still my first though was "OH CRAP! Our mirror fell off the wall and broke!" So with all the lights still off I walk over to the edge of the room to look at where the mirror had fallen.
The mirror was still on the wall. WHAT! So now I am thinking ... what made that noise?!?!?!?
At that moment I look down at the floor under the mirror and see this (remember it is still pitch black and I can barely see anything anyway. This picture is from later last night after I turned the lights on. Obviously)...
So I see the arrow on the ground and then look to my left and see this ...

So naturally my first thougth is: SOMEONE JUST TRIED TO KILL ME WITH A BOW AND ARROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So I run and get our dog and sprint to my car as fast as I can (thinking someone is going to be after me). I called the police and drove to the gas station down the road.
Well it turns out our neighbor was doing target practice earlier that day. When I came in and shut the door it caused the glass to fall through. I think our neighbor needs some more practice!

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  1. Your post title literally made me laugh out loud... But this story didn't. I would have been completely freaked out! I hope y'all get the glass fixed soon :)