Friday, January 18, 2013

101 days

I ate lunch with my parents today and died laughing as we remembered a funny story. So naturally I thought I would share.

Picture this ....
I am 5 years old. I have been in school 101 days and my teacher decides we are going to have a 101 day party. Everyone has to bring 101 somethings. I loved cookies (still do) and so mom and I decided to make a cookie cake with 101 M&M's on it. I was PUMPED! I carefully counted and placed all of the M&M's to spell out 101. I'm not going to lie ... it was awesome. Dad always drove us to school on his way to work. On this particular morning he helped me load all of my stuff into the car. He carried my prized cookie cake and I got my backpack. We drive to school. Sing the usual zippity do da and M-i-c-k-e-y M-o-u-s-e and dad prays for Calli and me. Then we arrive at school. I hop out with my backpack and look up to dad. I say "Daddy where is my cookie cake?" His jaw drops as he realizes he put it on top of the car and never got it down. (Side note: We later found it in our neighborhood). He walked in with me to my class to tell my teacher what happened.
Mom always picked us up form school .... On this day I hop in the car and mom says "I'm sorry about your 101 cake. I know you were really excited about it. Were you upset?" And I say "No. But daddy was. He cried in front of my teacher and all the way back to the car."
Yall my sweet father was so upset that he cried when he told Mrs. Hammel that he drove off with the cake on the car!
So the next day I took in another cake that mom and I baked. We were out of M&M's and mom convinced me to use raisins (YUCK). Nobody wanted to eat my cake.
Moral of the story. My dad is a sweetheart. Don't put things on top of the car. If use raisins on a cake nobody will eat it.

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