Monday, January 7, 2013

Snapshot of my weekend

Friday Night. UT basketball game with the hubs + Troutman clan. I'm sad that we couldn't pull out a win but still a great game!
Saturday. My day was full of being productive. I cleaned and ran errands just about allll day. But it was good to get caught up on a lot of things that I needed to get done. Saturday night I sat at Chick-fil-a with this crew for oh 3 hours. Thats normal right? Here we are snap chatting each other while sitting right beside one another. Again ... normal right?
My sweet Friend Becca came over to see our new home! She gave us these beauties to warm our home :) Thanks Bex. You have such a sweet heart.
And Sunday we drove for 6 hours to be in Nashville for 4 hours. Oh my. Long day. But a very fun day. We spent the day with Andy's dads side of the fam. We ate yummy Bbq ... threw football ... watched football. Eventful day.  
Colbie came with us! She did great in the car. Only had to stop once the whole time. She loves to go bye bye with Mommy and Daddy!
Colbie is really excited because she gets to meet her cousin (Henley Drummey) this Friday! They are going to be big buds.
Happy Monday!

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