Monday, January 21, 2013

My current obsessions ...

1. My new Bible.
Just love it! This is the one Andy got me for Christmas. Such a sweet/thoughtful gift.
2. Cheese Appetizer.
 Andy and I have recently liked trying new types of cheese! And this is a really cute way to display them. I like doing this for company :)
3. Our new "Important Stuff" organizer.
 Since we moved in Andy and I have just crammed all of our important stuff (House title, warranty, pest control paper ... you name it) in one drawer. We finally decided it was time to organize it all! So we got this handy dandy paper organizer.

4. Having people over!
I LOVE when people come see our new home. Come on over!
5. Being a Notary.
It makes me feel important!
6. Having a kitchen.
 It is soooo nice to have a sink and a dishwasher. I never realized how much I use them!
7. Cousin Henley.
This is Calli and Brett's new puppy. We just love her. She is sweet as can be.
8. Downton Abbey.
Such a great show. I always get stuck talking like I am from England after I watch it.
9. Our Garage.
I love having a garage. No more ice on my windshield. YAY!
10. Emergen-C
I saved the best for last. This stuff is amazing. If you are feeling sick at all and take a packet of this it will cure you! ... You mix it with water and it kinda tastes funny. But once you get past the taste and see how well it works you will love it!

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