Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Happy Heart

Meet my small group (minus our leader Lauren) ...
From left to right: Me, Kyle, Becca, Becca, Jenn, Chelc, and Meghan.

These girls know me well.
We have cried, laughed, and walked through the past few years of life together.
There is nothing better than feeling comfortable.
I feel comfortable with this group.

Last night I had dinner with these girls (minus Kyle because she is no longer in Knoxville). Lauren opened up her home, and welcomed us all back with a very yummy meal. My heart was happy being back together as a group. We took a break over the summer, and decided to reconvene as of yesterday. I could not be more excited to walk through this new season of life with these people right by my side. In all the newness and change that has been going on in my life recently it is nice to have the something so familiar, this group.
Old friendships. New beginnings. I can't wait.  

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