Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Well

We were overjoyed to get to see Andy's twin brother and wife this past weekend! Andy and I were the first of our friends to get married so I think it is safe to say we are lacking in the "married couple friends" area. So it was a treat to spend time with a couple in the exact same stage of life we are in. I was encouraged through talking to Grace, and was able to really relate to where her and Ben are right now. We are blessed to have such wonderful family. 
Ben and Grace took us to see where Ben works. The Well. It is a really neat coffee shop in the Green Hills area. If you live in Nashville you should go. It is very trendy and Nashvilleesque (yes I just made up a word).  
The Well is a ministry. One of his college professors was part of the team that helped start this ministry (that is how Ben got involved). The Well sells merchandise from different ministries, and the proceeds go to that specific ministry. For example: Fashionable Scarfs. Oneof many products sold inside this cute coffee house.  

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