Thursday, October 11, 2012

S'more pleaseeee

We went camping this weekend! By we I mean a whole group of people, not just Andy and I. We went Up to Max Patch. The leaves were changing and it was beautiful.
We had cold/rainy weather ... but it really wasn't too bad!
We roasted mallows, sat around the camp fire, and slept on the ground. Yup. Sounds like camping to me!
I really enjoy camping. I like to think of myself as a mutt. No not a dog ... but in the human sense! I like to dress up and do "girly" things, but I also like to be sporty and get dirty and be outdoorsy. See. I'm a mutt.
I went for just one night, which was the perfect amount of camping for me :)!
I really love all the people we were with, which just made it so fun. My fav part about camping is that you just get to sit around and talk. Ah I love it.

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