Wednesday, October 3, 2012

My Current Obsessions

Yup. It is that time again. I know you are all just dying to know what I am currently obsessed with :)

1. Magic Bullet.
I LOVE my Magic Bullet. It can take on any challenge. I use it to make hummus, cut veggies, smoothies, etc. I make smoothies the most in it! Then I freeze them and take it to work with me for lunch. You should try it.

2. Fall Decorations.
DUHHHHH. Who doesn't love fall decorations in the fall! I got these cute little things at Trader Joes for $0.65! What a steal. I smile just about every time I walk by them. Happy Fall Ya'll.

3. Hair Curlers
I am old fashioned. These are the actual curlers I use. Hot curlers. I let them get really hot and them put them in and leave them until they are totally cooled. It is just about the only thing that will curl my hair and actually stay.

4. Crockpot
Crockpots are the greatest thing in the whole wide world ... especially for working women. It is so great. You can just put an entire meal in and turn it on in the morning ... come home from work and ... TADA dinner is ready! I want to give the person who invented the crockpot a hug.

5. Almond Butter
It is like peanut butter but better ... and better for you. Don't get the already mixed kind that comes in a jar. Go to Earthfare or somewhere like it and grind it yourself! I like to add honey to it too. Have it on a sandwhich or an apple. Delicious.

6. Chargrilled Chicken Sandwhich and a Baked Potato

7. Today Show
I have always loved the Today Show. But how fun that KLG and Hoda came to Knoxville. :) Good ole Rocky Top. Wooh! I turn it on in the mornig while I am getting ready and get little clips here and there about what is going on in the world. Thanks Matt Lauer and Savannah Guthrie for waking me up every morning.

8. Colored Skinny Jeans
I recently got these mint skinny jeans from Jcrew. They are really comfortable! I can get away with wearing them to work if I wear them with a nice top.

9. Post-it Notes
Aren't they just the greatest? I have always loved these ... but now that I am working I use them ALL the time. No joke. I probably use a stack a week.

10. Recycling
Last but not least. Recycling. This is new for me. I have never been a recycler before. My parents never recycled (oops ... sorry environment), but Andy grew up recycling and my office recycles. So now I recycle. Why not recycle? It is an easy way to help out.

Well ... thats all i've got. Until next time.

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