Monday, October 1, 2012


Once again weekends are great. I feel like I say this every week ... but it is true. Working has made me so appreciate the weekends.
Friday after work Andy and I ate dinner in. We had a crockpot chicken meal that was delicious. I'll share the recipe sometime. After dinner we had good intentions to get out and do something fun :). We were going to go downtown and walk around and then go see that new baseball movie. Halfway through dinner we both realized how tired we were, so we opted out of going downtown and rented a redbox instead. We watced Men of Valor. Great movie. Intense though.
Saturday Andy opened. While he worked I got caught up on housework, and went on a walk with my sister. Later that day Andy's twin (Ben) and his wife (Grace) came over to watch the UT game. Grace had this cute little thing with her ...
He is her Godchild. He is 4 months old and PRECIOUS. He is so calm. I have never met a baby like this! I had fun holding him, playing peekaboo, and making him laugh. Babies are great (don't want one yet though). Colbie was so into the baby! She couldn't get enough of this little creature!
We finished the last quarter of the game eating with my parents. I was sad the vols couldn't pull out a win. Boo.
I spent Saturday night with friends in market square. Isn't downtown Knoxville just the coolest?
Sunday day was nothing out of the ordinary. Church, lunch, and spending time outside while it is still warm enough to. Sunday night we went to dinner with the Fennell clan to celebrate Andy and Ben's Birthdays. We went to Chop House! Yum! So Andy is officially 23 and his birthday week is OVER.
Now back to the work week. Happy Monday everyone.

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