Monday, October 8, 2012

The Smiley Faces :)

Meet my best friends from college ...

How did this happen? Nobody really knows. The four of us are so incredibly different it is funny. Ok lets be honest. Chi Omega was what brought us all together. (Hi le hi low hi lep lep lep those Chi O girls have pep pep pep) We all met our first year at UT, but it wasn't until living in laurel that the true bonding began :). I'm not sure if it was the endless amount of trips to Menchies in Farragut ... or the countless Friday nights we spent on our couch together ... but somehow we all became friends.
Let me introduce you to my friends:
Rob. Robin is a Diva. She is a fashionista, and loves to look good. She won't like you until you give her a reason to. Yup. Diva.
Laine. Laine is the funny one. Just being around her will put a smile on your face. She is such a joy to be around, and always the life of the party.
Lauren. Lauren is a souther bell. There is no better way to put it. She is as sweet as can be ... and can make a simple story 3 hourse long (love you Lauren!).
It makes me sad that we are all so far apart now. But that makes being reunited oh so fun. I got to see Robin this past weekend, and I am so looking forward to seeing Laine and Lauren at Amy Beth's wedding.
So thankful for these sweet friends.

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