Thursday, September 27, 2012

Happy Birthday!

Yesterday was my sweet husbands Birthday.
Happy Birthday to Andy. I just love Birthdays. My family is really big on birthdays. By this I mean we have "Birthday Weeks." Birthday Weeks generally start the Sunday before your birthday and continue until the next Sunday. It is great.
Andy on the other hand doesn't seem to think Birthdays are that big of a deal.
So this year I decided I would show him just how much fun Birthdays can be!
We started this past weekend and went to Buckberry for a very fun prebirthday celebration.
He had the day off yesterday! So he was able to spend his actual birthday day relaxing and rejuvinating. He was greeted by a Birthday display for him. He loves Pumpkin Muffins so I made some just for his birthday, and put them on our You are Special plate. He woke up and ate some pumpkin muffins, watched TV with Colbie, met me for lunch downtown, played golf, took a nap, met me for dinner, and got ice cream. Successful day? I think Yes!
It is kinda funny how as you get older your standard of fun changes. Andy said yesterday was like the best birthday EVER! And I really think it is because he didn't have to work, he played golf, and we got to go out to eat (3 things that were normal pre marriage. No we have no money or time. Newlyweds.).
Tonight we are having his guy friends over to eat Pizza and watch the braves game for his Birthday. I made some homemade ice cream and other dessert goodies ... so hopefully it will all go well :).
Then we will finish out his birthday week strong by going out to eat with both of our parents this weekend. 
Bottom line...Birthday Week = Best idea everrrrrr. 

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