Tuesday, September 11, 2012

September already?!?

Life is funny. Especially post-college life. Things are so different and a lot of change is happening, and time really does fly. But change is good! It has been hard for Andy and I to adjust to working ... and the time and demands that a job places on you. Working has made us appreciate time off, and time together a whole lot more. We have been keeping ourselves busy in our free time:)

Last Thursday Andy played on a church basketball team with his brother and some of his friends. It was fun watching him play. I miss watching him play baseball ... so it was fun to watch him in his "sport element" again.
Here they are praying before the game starts. Tender.

Friday night Andy worked and I went to a dollar (which is really $2.50... DUMB) movie with friends. We saw Spider Man. After the movie I felt like I had spidie powers ... it may have been because it was late and I haven't seen that hour in a long time ... but I came home and shot out my arm at Andy and pretended like I was spider mad. He laughed. I'm silly.

Saturday Colbie and I spent the morning together! She came with me on a bunch of errands and then visited with Uncle Brett while I walked with Aunt Calli. She loves going "bye bye." Everytime you ask her if she wants to go "bye bye" she gets SOOO excited. She wags her tail and runs all around the room. Then when I get her bag down from the closet she runs over to it and hops right into it and lays down on her own.

Andy and I supported the Vols in our orange shirts and sunglasses all day. GBO! I'm so glad it is football season ... and I can't wait for the Florida game on Saturday.

We had good intentions to go to the game Saturday ... but when it started pouring rain we opted out. We ended up going to the Condo with my fam and watching football on TV, and then we all went to dinner. We went to Chophouse (YUM) so I would say it was a good trade off.

Sunday after church Andy and I picked up Pizza and took it to our friend Chris's house. We watched golf and baseball ...and then played in the pool. It was very relaxing!

Sunday night we grilled out. It was the perfect way to end the weekend. Oh and we got our very first Tomato! So naturally we picked it and ate it with dinner.

In other news ... we might have purchased a house :):):):)! We started looking (kinda just for the heck of it) and ended up finding one we love. It is the cutest little house ... I just want to give the house a hug. We made an offer and had it inspected so as long as everything clears we will be homeowners ... yes HOMEOWNERS. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. 1312 Bradford Lane 37919. If you live in Knoxville drive by and see it ... you will want to give it a hug too!

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  1. Couple things… love that Andy is wearing a Peace Love tshirt, I miss you, and OMG a house! Keep me updated… so exciting!