Thursday, September 13, 2012

How does she do it?

So my mom is amazing! Let me explain ... I just started working in a law firm (as you should know if you read my blog) and wear "business casual" attire everyday. Closed toe shoes are a part of that attire. Before starting work I didn't have very many dress shoes, but I did have my handy dandy pair of black Tory Burch shoes. I got them my senior year of HighSchool. So they were old and worn out ... but still great shoes. Much to my surprise they squeaked. This may not sound like a problem but trust me it was. With every step I would take everyone in the office would hear me. I called Tory Burch and they basically said sorry too bad.
soooooo... I told my mom this and she said Oh just give them to me and ill send them back and get you a new pair. I laughed at her and said there is NO WAY they will send you a brand new pair of shoes in place of this 5 year old ratty pair! I already tried! She said, "You just wait and see. I'll get you a new pair free of charge."
So I waited ...
and waited....
and yesterday she hand delivered a BRAND SPANKIN NEW PAIR OF SHOES! I can't believe it! How does she do it? She is amazing.

I have decided I need to be more assertive. She ALWAYS has this kind of thing happen. She always gets exactly what she wants, and can basically make people do what she wants. She is amazing.

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